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SmartDI Deck-Unit

The SmartDI® is not longer recommended for new projects. The new NetDI® is used for all high-performance tasks. The SmartDI® is only available on request for special tasks. The support for delivered SmartDI® is as usual.

The SmartDI® data logger was developed over many years to fulfill complex measuring, controlling and regulation tasks. A multitasking real-time kernel takes care of the processes of all tasks. It works on the basis of an embedded industrial PC. An 8“ touchscreen visualizes data in a quick-look window. Hardware measuring and regulation modules can be integrated due to the modular structure.

The calculation of calibrations or corrections takes place in real-time – there are more than 180 formulas available to do so, like for instance the UNESCO formulas for seawater. Virtual channels can resume further calculations or intermediate data. Quality rating additional data as spikes, extremes or means are gathered simultaneously into average value windows. Several independent measurement modes can work completely parallel and are individually configurable.  That allows multiple exports with different sample rates on CompactFlash cards or via ports.

A complete, configurable soft-PLC undertakes complete controlling tasks. The optional position control operates in dependence to the GPS position and geo-references the measurement data. Up to 255 devices can be flexibly in integrated altogether.

More than 60 data protocols are available for external tools and probes.


  • Lab or on-board sensor data logging with quick-look data screen
  • Special data protocols or complex real-time data processing
  • Small mobile monitoring stations
  • Data logging with extra requirements such as digital outputs, PLC functions
  • Modular data logging systems


  • Small or mdium-size and versatile data logger
  • Touch-Screen enables full control of the process and control or configuration functions
  • Medium power consumption for battery power supplies
  • Large data storage – enough to safe high-resolution measurements for years
  • Configurable input/output signals – analogue and digital
  • Flexible design for customized solutions
  • Real-time processing of values and additional quality flags and data
  • Many data protocols implemented for external sensors, devices, analyzers etc.
  • Complex control of external actors such as pumps with the build-in Soft-PLC


  • Power 12V, 24V DC or 110V-230V AC, typ. 25W incl. monitor switched-on
  • Two industrial 2 GB compact flash (CF) cards. The internal CF card contains the system; the external user accessible CF card contains data. Each CF card contains also a backup of the other card
  • Standardized ASCII NMEA-0183 output – on CF card and real-time RS232 interface
  • External serial Interfaces (RS232, optional RS485) on demand, up to 36 serial interfaces
  • Typ 1Hz sampling rate, configurable. Short time up to 10Hz. Long time cycles days…years
  • Over 180 calibration and versatile formulas included, incl. UNESCO formulas for seawater analysis
  • Operating IEEE double precision for all internal calculation
  • Over 60 data protocols for external sensors, analyzers, samplers etc.
  • Industrial stainless steel housing, or 19” racks


  • Additional DC/DC voltage outputs for external sensors, e.g. 12V, 24V regulated. In combination with the Soft-PLC switchable
  • Control LEDs for easy quick check after the deployment
  • Additional RS232/RS485 interfaces of up to 36 (needs larger housing)
  • Configurable Soft-PLC for complex control procedures, time or event triggered with many options
  • Position control and geo-referencing
  • Interface for more than 50 probes, meteorology’s, automatic sampler and analyzer of different manufacturers (AADI Aanderaa, Bbe MOLDEANKE, FSI, GPS / NMEA-0183, RDI, Seabird, Sea&Sun, SYSTEA, TriOS, Turner, WTW, various meteorology, etc.)

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19” rack enclosure (4 HU, 350mm depth) with 4 external sensor connectors IP67 water protected and 2 fluorometers connected Metal enclosure (300 x 300 x 180mm) with 2 external sensor connectors IP67 water protected with 2 fluorometers connected
The OceanPack™ AUMS (FerryBox) is operated by the SmartDI® Deck-Unit. While data acquiring is performed automatically, the scientist has time to maintain his instruments The OceanPack™ underway system contains the SmartDI® data logger, a special version of the SmartDI® Deck-Unit. All data are acquired and calculated here; in addition the sea-water system is controlled
The SmartDI® software can be used on Notebooks running MS-Windows® The SmartDI® Software uses its own real-time multitasking kernel. Running on every 16 bit and higher PC compatible computer, the software can be used for many different applications and hardware designs. The RT-Kernel is extreme robust and running e.g. on the NASA Mars-Pathfinder space vehicle
The real-time graphic quick-look can be configured for up to 10 user-defined screens with different charts All configuration and diagnostic settings are in text mode. No mouse must be used on board. In this example the “GPS Device Special Device Menu” displays the status of all satellites to check the Top-Box™ GPS receiver
The SmartDI® Soft-PLC is can be used to control external pumps and valves. Using measuring values as input, the Soft-PLC can be used e.g. for event-triggered analyzes. In this example a combination of two sensors is used to start automatic water analysis with nutrient analyzer. Demanded storm becomes whirled up of floating substances as an event. © picture by HZG research centre The optional quality data for each measuring or average value gives much more information about the obtained state. In this example higher tidal water current is responsible for noisy turbidity values. The minimum and maximum values of the water current explain this situation very well, without the need of extra processing. © picture by HZG research centre
The Position-control allows using position-dependent events. In this example the OceanPack™ will clean itself and then switch off automatically if moving inside the harbour. Piraeus (Athens) with position recognition as entering a port is here defined with a radius of 1sm (1.852km) to the pier The ASCII NMEA-0183 data files can be imported easily to Windows® software such as MS-Excel®