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pCO2 Analyzer

The OceanPack™ pCO2 analyzer was developed as a high-end analyzer for precise measurements under rough sea conditions. It is very small and easy to maintain.

LI-COR® produces LI-850x analyzers for SubCtech, which are built in the MK2 exclusively for scientific demand. The analyzers are pre-installed and configured for the user. The auto-calibration allows long-term operations. More pCO2 analyzers are available.

The OceanPack™ MK2 Lab-Analyzer is built sturdy and is easy to maintain. The Flat-Silicone-Equilibrator can be run under all conditions meaning there are no difficulties in using it on ships or vehicles.

Leading scientists from NIOZ, AWI, GEOMAR and IFREMER attended the development of the OceanPack™.


  • Handy design: small size and low weight, can be operated on small vessels
  • Processed data: no or little post-processing necessary
  • No difficult setup required: quick and easy installation (just connect power/data, water in/out)
  • Our exclusive cooperation with LI-COR® Biosciences guarantees the latest technology
  • Best accuracy and long-time stability
  • Can be operated long-term unattended
  • Easy handling: intuitively usable design, easy service procedures
  • Ready to run: low initial and running costs
  • Standard and reference gas inputs: ready for SOCAT or other scientific database


  • The LI-COR® pCO2 analyzer is already included and fully configured
  • Robust Flat-Membrane-Equilibrator (Patent pending)
  • Built in NetDI® data logger
  • The data logger automatically marks data with quality flags
  • Auto-zeroing calibration for highly accurate long-time operations
  • Model MK-2: specially adapted LI-COR® LI-850x analyzer


  • CO2 tolerant debubbler mBubbler®
  • Sea-Air-Exchange (SAE) analysis with the Top-Box air-CO2 analyzer
  • GPS receiver and geo-referencing of all data
  • Up to 3 gas inputs for e.g. 2 span gases and 1 reference gas can be installed
  • OceanView™ DataServer running on a Windows® PC

Product overview:

Our standard OceanPack™ analyzers:

MK2 Analyzer with gas inlet for manual gas calibration at the front. Up to 6 gas inlets and connectors for external additional sensors such as pH or TSG (temperature, salinity) on the rear side. Easy to maintain Flat-Silicone-Equilibrator (patent pending). With few screws cleaning is done in 3 minutes
Inter-calibration test of different SubCtech analyzer models on board the German ATAIR in the North-Sea (former models, 2012) 4 weeks pCO2 data – 1.5 Mio. Datasets – in the North-Sea on board PELAGIA. The lines down to zero are calibration cycles. The 3 high concentrations are harbours.
Calibration unit for the OceanPack™ pCO2 analyzer. Up to 6 gases can be connected.