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pCO2 Underway

The OceanPack™ Underway System measures pCO2 in water offshore on ships – comparable to what FerryBox does. LI-COR® analyzers are already installed and configured in the racks and can get equipped for scientific use easily .

A water system containing filter, pump, debubbler and quick release fastener is provided as well. Probe heads like dissolved oxygen or thermosalinograph (TSG) are optional. A data logger with quick-look touch-screen allows the connection to external probe heads or a Top-Box™. This Top-Box™ can contain an Air-CO2 analyzer, GPS or meteorological sensors.

The OceanPack™ Underway system is built sturdy and is easy to maintain. The Flat-Membrane Silicone-Equilibrator (patented) can be run under extreme conditions and works without difficulties even in rough seas.

Leading scientists from NIOZ, AWI, GEOMAR and IFREMER attended the development of the OceanPack™.


  • Complete, flexible and easy to maintain
  • Handy design: small size and low weight, can be operated on small vessels
  • No or little post-processing necessary
  • No difficult setup required: quick and easy installation (just connect power/data, water in/out)
  • Our exclusive cooperation with LI-COR® Biosciences guarantees the latest technology
  • Best accuracy and long-time stability
  • Can be operated unattended
  • Easy handling: intuitively usable design, easy service procedures
  • Ready to run: low initial and running costs


  • The LI-COR® pCO2 analyzer is already included and fully configured
  • Robust Flat-Membrane Silicone-Equilibrator  (Patent pending)
  • CO2 tolerant debubbler mBubbler®
  • Built in NetDI® data logger
  • The data logger automatically marks data with quality flags
  • Auto-zeroing calibration for high-accuracy and long-time operations
  • Easy integration of multiple instruments at once using the NetDI® data management system. These instruments include AADI Aanderaa Optode, BBE Algae Monitor, LI-COR analyzers, SBE Seabird Thermosalinograph, Sea&Sun sensors, SYSTEA nutrient analyzers, TriOS algae monitor and fluorometer, Turner fluorometer, Seapoint turbidity sensor, WetLabs optical instruments and many more
  • Automatic cleaning procedure including flagging of collected data
  • Our cooperation with LI-COR® Biosciences guarantees the latest technology
  • Model MK-2: specially adapted LI-COR LI-850x analyzer


  • Complete Sea-Air-Exchange (SAE) analysis with the Top-Box™ Air-CO2 analyzer
  • GPS receiver and geo-referencing of all data
  • Online telemetry data transfer and alarm services
  • Up to 3 gas inputs for e.g. 2 span gases and 1 reference gas can be installed
  • OceanView™ DataServer running on a Windows® PC
  • Externally accessible RS-485 Bus extension to connect a wide range of devices such as meteorological sensors, pumps or valves

Product overview:

Our standard OceanPack™ analyzers:

OceanPack™ MK2 Underway with front opened for inspection. In this example full equipped with (top to bottom): PowerUnit, DataLogger, pCO2 analyser, water supply with automatic cleaning, debubbler, SBE-45. The complete water system is installed on a movable and removable drawer for easy service and cleaning. In this example with additional automatic cleaning (on top) and the SBE-45 (bottom side).
OceanPack™ DataLogger with all connectors at the rear side. Simple to exchange, simple service. OceanPack™ MK2 analyzer
Easy to maintain Flat-Membrane Silicone-Equilibrator (patent pending). Cleaning is done in 3 minutes. The lifetime during normal operation is minimum 10 years Autonomous Water-Intake controller with motor-driven ball-valve, leak sensor simplifies operations during manoeuvring in the harbour