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AUV PowerPacks

Proven and rechargeable Li-ion batteries are built in the Li-Ion PowerPack™ for AUVs and other vehicles. The SmartBMS™ observes the battery and delivers data to the AUV host system.

The AUV PowerPacks™ are optimized and qualified with a capacity from 1kWh up to 100+kWh and 14V up to 400+V. Our PowerPacks™ work highly efficient even at low temperatures and provide high power.

SubCtech has gathered a lot of know-how from diverse projects. We delivered single battery systems or series-production for total twelve AUV systems until now (as of Aug. 2016).

Product overview:


  • Underwater vehicles: AUV, ROV
  • Underwater equipment: condition monitoring stations
  • Smart sensor power supplies


  • Extremely robust: corrosion free titanium material constructed for offshore conditions
  • Safety: control and protection of all battery parameter; UL certified cells
  • Reliability: optionally redundant design, under all circumstances at least 50% capacity
  • Minimum costs: long lifetime, short charging cycles, long life-time
  • Simple handling: Plug’n’play charger – no need to open the housing, charge underwater
  • Easy maintenance: little time and costs
  • Highest rated power: high capacities with optimized weight and size; much longer operating times


  • High-power Li-Ion PowerPack™
  • Capacity for single blocks of up to 5kW, cascadable to 100+kWh batteries
  • Typical voltages: 14V up to 50V per block, expandable to 400+V batteries
  • Integrated SmartBMS™ controller
  • Data download, Firmware / configuration upgrade via USB
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Operating depth of up to 6000m or OEM integration
  • Design, capacity and mechanical design customized to your project
  • Cost-efficient


  • Data logging on industrial SD card of up to 32GB
  • Redundant construction for high-safety requirements
  • Special wiring for minimized electromagnetic emission
  • Special housings and mechanical designs


  • ISO 13628-6 or API17 MIL-STD 810G or GL for industrial applications
  • EMC tests according to MIL-STD, DIN-EN, GL
  • AECTP, AQAP etc.
  • Production according e.g. IPC-A-600/610 class 3
AUV Li-Ion battery 158V, 41kWh ready for integration AUV PowerPack™ 48V, 2.5kWh and data interface with customized sea-water resistant coated aluminium housing
AUV Li-Ion battery with titanium housing, (c) Photo DFKI/GTR AUV Li-Ion battery components during testing (MIL-STD 810G)
Prototype of a new diving-robot with Li-Ion Battery (c) Photo Meka Robotics, company by Google Li-Ion Powerpack™ with SmartDI® data logger and exploration sensors as payload installed in a “fish” for EMV exploration (c) photo by Mundal AS


Based on the proven Li-Ion rechargeable batteries we offer complete energy systems, for example AUV drive or the on-board electronics. The especially developed electronics SmartBMS™ supports the Li-Ion PowerPack™. The SmartBMS™ monitors the battery with especially for Li-Ion technologies designed switching circuits. NMEA 0183 is a compatible data interface to the AUV host system. This NMEA-0183 interface is easy to adapt and galvanically decoupled.

The AUV PowerPacks™ are available in up to about 100 kWh and 400V. PowerPacks™ can be connected for larger battery capacity. For the optimal design, the AUV PowerPacks™ are adapted to the equipment rack. SubCtech offers sufficient know-how from various past projects from the planning phase onwards. Of course, existing batteries can be replaced with this innovative technology.

Li-Ion batteries can deliver very high currents, in contrast to other battery technologies because of their low internal resistance. Especially produced for the marine sector, our PowerPacks™ work highly efficient at low temperatures.

The PowerPacks™ can be supplied in pressure-resistant titanium housings with an operating depth of up to 6000m. They can also be set in an existing housing.

The SmartChargers™ – specially tuned chargers for the PowerPacks™ – are connected directly and do not have to be further adjusted . The SmartCharger™ technology charges the PowerPacks™ safely and gently without opening the pressure housing. Therefore the AUV can be charged in water.

For additional security, the PowerPacks™ are designed to be fully redundant. This way, 50% of the remaining capacity will always be available in the event of a fatal error, so that the mission can be brought to a regular ending.

(c) Header photo by DFKI/GTR