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Charging PowerPacks™ with the COTS SmartCharger™ or PowerCharger™ is as easy as charging a car battery. A special handling is not needed, as the PowerPacks™ can be charged in every state of charge.

Our charger technology charges the PowerPacks™ safely and gently. Even the end housing can remain closed for charging. Therefore PowerPacks™ can even be charged in water, what simplifies the handling on board a lot.

Our SmartChargers™ are IP65 specified and developed for rough offshore conditions. The high power PowerChargers™ are using 19″ frames and can be installed into 19″ racks or 19″ flight boxes.


  • Extremely robust: waterproof for offshore and on-board conditions
  • Safety: automatic control of all charging states
  • Reliability: simple design eliminates weak control elements
  • Minimum costs: long lifetime, short charging cycles
  • Simple handling: Plug’n’play charger, charge on board without opening the housing, charge under water. No overcharging: the chargers can be left permanently attached to the batteries
  • Special procedure revives even deeply discharged batteries
  • Maintenance free: little time and costs
  • Wide range of voltages and capacities available


  • Automatic Li-Ion charger for SubCtech PowerPack™
  • Wide input range 100-240V AC
  • Control lights for power, charging, 100% charge, error
  • Special procedure for deeply discharged batteries
  • No configuration or user action needed


  • Standard COTS product
  • Charging power from 100W to 600W
  • Input range 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • IP68 water protected for on board usage
  • No control elements, just plug’n’play


  • Charging power from 1kW to 10kW and more
  • Input range single or triple phase 50/60Hz
  • IP22 standard or IP54 protected version for on board usage
  • 7″ Touchscreen with diagnostic infos
  • One-button control for Charge, Stop (Diagnostic), optional Discharge
  • Data logging on SD card up to 32GB, simple ASCII files
  • Data download and firmware / configuration upgrade via USB stick (battery BMS and charger setup)


  • Special double charger for redundant battery designs
  • Standby and emergency charge
  • Discharge unit for diagnostic and automatic storage/transport discharge
  • Additional power supplies to operate your vehicle during charging
  • Data interface to host systems (NMEA-0183 or MODBUS RTU)

Product overview:

Standard 300W SmartCharger™, fully splash water protected IP68 19″ 1.5kW PowerCharger™ with diagnostic screen
2 x 3kW PowerCharger™ standard 19″rack

2 x 3kW ruggedized PowerCharger™

316 stainless steel,  IP54, MIL-STD 810G aproved

1 x 3kW PowerCharger™ mobile flight case

1 x 1.5kW PowerCharger™

with external diagnostic box


Li-Ion PowerPacks™ require a specially battery charger with custom parameters. Unlike earlier complex or uncertain methods, SubCtech uses the latest technologies. Thus, charging the PowerPack™ is as simple as charging a car battery.

For charging leave the SmartCharger™ connected until the “green“ LED indicator shows that the battery is fully charged. Two additional LED indicators show the charging process or possible errors. A special handling is not necessary; the PowerPack™ can be charged at any charging state. If there is not enough time available for a full charging cycle , the SmartChargerTM can be removed and the PowerPackTM can be used anyway. In that case, it should be fully charged at a later point in time to compensate for deviations of individual cells (so-called „balancing“).

The SmartCharger™ technology charges the PowerPacks™ safely and gently without opening the pressure housing. Therefore PowerPacks™ can be charged while in water – the handling especially on board is drastically simplified.

Our SmartChargers™ have been developed for rough offshore and on board operation. The up to 750W units are fully protected against splashing water and even short-term flooding. Larger so called PowerChargers™ are equipped with fans, and splash water protected.

Special versions with faster start-ups were developed for continuous monitoring of the PowerPacks™. Equipped with a standby function, the PowerPacks™ are charged and discharged on a monthly basis. In case of utilization it is switched to fast charging and the PowerPacks™ are fully operational again within a few hours even after long-term storage of months or years.