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SubCtech offers complete solutions. The user has the opportunity to purchase whole packages including accessories. We are happy to consult you in what extras you require and how to convert the accessories.


SubConn® cable


All types and lengths of underwater cables with different connectors such as SubConn® are provided




Many different cables are provided to your needs, e.g. for profiling or mooring applications


Standard holders


Standard holders for sensors made of POM, titanium and stainless steel


Instrumentation frames


Instrumentation frames for long-time deployments. It consists of different sensors and data loggers on both sides


Profiling frame


Profiling frame in different sizes made of titanium or stainless steel


Mooring frame


Mooring frame in different sizes made of titanium or stainless steel


Spare part set


Spare part set for the water system with all fittings, sealing, O-rings and grease


Spare part set


Spare part set for all installed sensors including text cable, dummy adapter for easy removing during operation, calibration fluids if needed and more


  • One-shop solution
  • All components fits and were tested before shipping
  • Easy and cost efficient ordering and service process
  • Less vendor partners leave more room for important tasks