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The PowerCharger family is part of the SmartBMS™ battery systems, especially for vehicle and subsea batteries. The PowerChargers™ are integrated with the Battery BMS in order to achieve multiple safety levels and fast charging. In addition to the data interface, a “safety loop” is available independently. Temperatures, voltages, currents and other parameters are read directly from the battery. Both the BMS and the PowerCharger™ can intervene in the charging process for safety reasons.

A PowerCharger™ can charge one battery, multiple battery channels or multiple battery modules. For this it has one or more controllable high-power power-supplies. In addition to the usual CC/CV characteristics, SubCtech has implemented a fast and smart algorithm that includes faster balancing.

As usual operation with SubCtech PowerCharger is simple: with the press of a button charging, discharging for storage or transport, and diagnostics (e.g. capacity measurement) are carried out.

In addition, an optional power supply can operate the vehicle independently while charging.

A 7″ color touchscreen provides summarized overview-information about the system. In addition, you can view all parameters down to the cell level via graphic submenus.

For service purposes, the battery BMS firmware or the battery configuration can be updated via the USB port. This means that adjustments can also be made “on the fly”. Log files can also be downloaded via the USB port.


PowerCharger™ 19” Rack - Standard


The 19 "Rack PowerCharger™ is the standard model for large batteries. It can contain several power supplies even for very high charging capacities.



PowerCharger™ 19” Rack - Ruggedized


The 19 "Rack PowerCharger™ is the special ruggedized model. It can contain several power supplies even for very high charging capacities.



PowerCharger™ 19” flight-case


The 19 "flight-case PowerCharger™ is another standard model for batteries. It can contain several power supplies even for very high charging capacities.



PowerCharger™ 19” Customized


The 19 " PowerCharger™ can be customized for any applications. It can contain several power supplies even for very high charging capacities.





Standard 300W SmartCharger™, fully splash water protected IP68


Diagnostic Module


The diagnostic module with 7 "touchscreen is used to check the status of the battery without an available PowerCharger. There is also a USB port for firmware upload and log file download.



Discharger Module


The Discharger is another member of the 19 "PowerCharger™ family. With the High-Power Discharger, batteries are specifically discharged. The Discharger is controlled by the SmartBMS™ of the PowerCharger™, but is also available as a stand-alone device. Several Discharger can be combined to achieve higher performances.



Embedded Li-Ion PowerCharger™ 2 x 3kW


High-power, high safety, highly reliable charger for SmartBMS™ Li-Ion battery in switching mode technology. Two power-channels for redundancy are supported by two independent charger power supplies.



  • Extremely robust: waterproof for offshore and on-board conditions
  • Safety: automatic control of all charging states
  • Reliability: simple design eliminates weak control elements
  • Minimum costs: long lifetime, short charging cycles
  • Simple handling: Plug’n’play charger, charge on board without opening the housing, charge under water. No overcharging: the chargers can be left permanently attached to the batteries
  • Special procedure revives even deeply discharged batteries
  • Maintenance free: little time and costs
  • Wide range of voltages and capacities available
  • Automatic Li-Ion charger for SubCtech PowerPack™
  • Wide input range 100-240V AC
  • Control lights for power, charging, 100% charge, error
  • Special procedure for deeply discharged batteries
  • No configuration or user action needed


  • Standard COTS product
  • Charging power from 100W to 600W
  • Input range 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • IP68 water protected for on board usage
  • No control elements, just plug’n’play


  • Charging power from 1kW to 10kW and more
  • Input range single or triple phase 50/60Hz
  • IP22 standard or IP54 protected version for on board usage
  • 7″ Touchscreen with diagnostic infos
  • One-button control for Charge, Stop (Diagnostic), optional Discharge
  • Data logging on SD card up to 32GB, simple ASCII files
  • Data download and firmware / configuration upgrade via USB stick (battery BMS and charger setup)
  • Special double charger for redundant battery designs
  • Standby and emergency charge
  • Discharge unit for diagnostic and automatic storage/transport discharge
  • Additional power supplies to operate your vehicle during charging
  • Data interface to host systems (NMEA-0183 or MODBUS RTU)

Li-Ion PowerPacks™ require a specially battery charger with custom parameters. Unlike earlier complex or uncertain methods, SubCtech uses the latest technologies. Thus, charging the PowerPack™ is as simple as charging a car battery.


For charging leave the SmartCharger™ connected until the “green“ LED indicator shows that the battery is fully charged. Two additional LED indicators show the charging process or possible errors. A special handling is not necessary; the PowerPack™ can be charged at any charging state. If there is not enough time available for a full charging cycle , the SmartChargerTM can be removed and the PowerPackTM can be used anyway. In that case, it should be fully charged at a later point in time to compensate for deviations of individual cells (so-called „balancing“).


The SmartCharger™ technology charges the PowerPacks™ safely and gently without opening the pressure housing. Therefore PowerPacks™ can be charged while in water – the handling especially on board is drastically simplified.


Our SmartChargers™ have been developed for rough offshore and on board operation. The up to 750W units are fully protected against splashing water and even short-term flooding. Larger so called PowerChargers™ are equipped with fans, and splash water protected.


Special versions with faster start-ups were developed for continuous monitoring of the PowerPacks™. Equipped with a standby function, the PowerPacks™ are charged and discharged on a monthly basis. In case of utilization it is switched to fast charging and the PowerPacks™ are fully operational again within a few hours even after long-term storage of months or years.