Wellseedamm 1-3, 24145 Kiel, Germany

Compliance / Whistleblower Reporting Office

We comply with our corporate responsibility and legal requirements and have set up a central reporting point for reporting violations.

A whistleblower can report, among other things:


  • Criminal offenses
  • Administrative offenses that concern the protection of life, limb or health or the protection of the rights of employees or their representatives
  • certain other legal provisions at federal, state or EU level, which are individually named in Section 2 HinSchG, including: Anti-money laundering regulations
  • Product safety requirements
  • Environmental protection requirements
  • Privacy


Please send your report to the following email address:


You are assured of confidentiality. Only the following persons are authorized to receive reports, provide feedback and initiate follow-up actions in this context:

Stefan Marx, CEO

Sören Johannsen, COO

Please send written reports in paper form (letter mail) to:

Compliance Reporting Office
SubCtech GmbH

Wellseedamm 1-3

DE-24145 Kiel

In addition, you can alternatively make a verbal report (via phone +49 (0) 431 22039 880) or initiate the personal meeting or make an external report to the responsible state, federal or EU authorities.