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Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Inspection sensors and condition monitoring for pCO2 and other parameters to measure sea water quality.

We introduce our OceanXpert-family:

OceanXpert-Sea (Precise subsea pCO2 or CH4 Analyzer, IR or Laser)

OceanXpert-Lab (Precise flow-through pCO2 and/or CH4 Analyzer, IR or Laser)

OceanXpert-Air (Precise, independent Air-CO2 Analyzer, IR)

OceanXpert-Sea IR-CO2
Precise subsea pCO2 Analyzer Li-Cor
OceanXpert-Lab IR-CO2
Precise flow-through pCO2 Analyzer Li-Cor
OceanXpert-Air IR-CO2
Precise, independent Air-CO2 Analyzer Li-Cor
OceanXpert-Lab Laser-CO2/CH4
Precise, underway pCO2, pCH4 Analyzer Los Gatos
OceanXpert-Sea IR-CH4
Precise subsea CH4 Analyzer
OceanXpert-Lab IR-CH4
Precise flow-through CH4 Analyzer
PAH Oil-In-Water analyzer
Sensitiv Fluorometer with anti-fouling nano-coating window
CTD probe
Standard Sensor for Conductivity, Temperature, Depth
Ship-hull temperature sensor
Precise Sensor for direct in-situ Temperature measurement
pH Sensor for ship systems
Precise sensor for pH measurement in flow-through (FerryBox) systems, easy calibration while build-in
Nutrient analyzer (photometric)
SYSTEA, Italia and SubCtech, offer a unique online nutrient measurement technology



Inspection-sensor-pack with ROV support frame incl. pCO2 analyzer (SubCtech), CTD (Sea&Sun), Methane sensor (Franatech), Oil-in-Water PAH fluorometer (TriOS), Algae-Fluorometer (TriOS). Connected to subsea SmartDI® DataLogger and subsea ROV power supply unit (not visible, in the background)


Fish-farming sensors


Example for fish-farming sensors: Chlorophyll-a, Methane, Oil-In-Water (other on request)


OceanView 4


Special processing software → OceanView 4 provides real-time data, alerts and logging


Set of instrumentation frame


Set of instrumentation frame for deployments under difficult subsea conditions. Consists of different sensors and the MicroDI™ data logger


Example sensors


Example sensors: Chlorophyll-a, Methane, Oil-In-Water (PAH), CTD – other on request


Sensor possibilities


SubCtech provides mostly all sensors. Only the accessories, additional PowerPacks™ or data acquisition, special holder or water adapter makes the products valuable