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Li-Ion PowerLogger™

The PowerLogger™ is a combination of subsea data loggers and the Li-Ion technology of the Powerpacks™. It is a complete and autonomous measuring system in a housing.




PowerLogger™ Ø50mm x 250mm consists of a small Li-Ion battery. With its capacity of only 100Wh the PowerLogger™ it is no dangerous good and can be transported by air.


Rear connection lid


Example of the rear connection lid of a larger SmartDI® PowerLogger Ø168mm x 450mm. Equipped with many digital and analogue interfaces, it can be used for complex measuring tasks. With the containment of 1,7kWh Li-Ion battery, it must be transported as dangerous goods class 9


Transport flight case


Typical transport flight case consisting of all instruments such as data logger, sensors or SmartCharger™, cables, documents and spare parts. It can be used for transport and storage




Profiler with innovative new sensors and analyzers to measure Manganese and Iron-2 in the Baltic sea between 200m and the surface. Combined with Sea&Sun CTD-90, Nortek Aquadopp, Microrider-1000 and TriOS ProPS nutrient analyzers the SubCtech SmartDI® PowerLogger is fully equipped. (c) Photo IOW Warnemünde


  • Any self-powered sensor data logging, optional special data protocols or complex real-time data processing
  • Self-powered deep-sea monitoring
  • Self-powered condition monitoring systems e.g. with alarm function
  • Self-powered data logging with extra requirements such as digital outputs, PLC functions
  • Lower costs, the smaller system already contains data logger and Li-Ion battery
  • Full performance of the data logger technologies NetDI®, MicroDI® or SmartDI®
  • Full performance of the Li-Ion Powerpack™ technology
  • Smallest housings (90Wh) available for the MicroDI® data logger Ø50mm x 250mm length. This configuration can operate for 1 year autonomous with the additional build-in power-manger unit, no transport restrictions
  • Highest capacity 1,7kWh or more available for the SmartDI® data logger Ø168mm x 450mm length. Depending the connected sensors this configuration can be operated for some months autonomous with the additional build-in power-manger unit
  • All options and add-ons for the data logger and Li-Ion batteries are available
  • Small batteries for small housings and large battery / housing combinations
  • Additional included devices such as e.g. pressure sensors, acoustic modems etc.