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SubCtech’s (”Subsea Technologies for the Marine Environment”) team already has more than 30 years of experience in the subsea and marine technology. Today, with 70+ employees, the company is still privately owned.

We offer underwater technologies, subsea solutions and ocean monitoring systems. We find solutions in close collaboration with our clients – in the industry, in science and offshore oil+gas. Li-Ion batteries, e.g. pCO2 analyzers and system solutions are our core products and one-stop service. Our reliable and precise high-tech “Made in Germany” products are easy to handle and efficiency to our customers. The mixture of experienced employees, young scientists and market knowledge is so successful that the company has been profit-making from the first year on.

We are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and manufacturing according to ISO 13628-6 and API17f for design and operation of subsea production systems. Our qualified workshop and engineers are educated and certified for highest-quality IPC-A-600/610 class 3 production up to SIL-2.

  • Our goal: meeting customers’ requirements – communicating well – working flexible – developing products constantly
  • Our promise: Solving complex and challenging tasks – delivering professional solutions
  • Our products: reliable – easy to maintain – resistant – comfortable to handle

SubCtech’s expertise is mainly divided in three sections:

Ocean Power

Li-Ion battery systems (PowerPacks). This modern technology allows the use of maximal energy capacities on the highest level of reliability. The titanium housings are can be customized in demand and are usable for depths of up to 6000m. Typical applications are Subsea, ROVs, AUVs, Monitoring stations or Moorings.

Measurement sytems for environmental factors such as pCO2

Durable, flexible and cost-effective flow-through AUMS (Autonomous Underway Measurement System) OceanPack especially for pCO2 monitoring on ships (also known as “FerryBox”) and mobile applications. Expandable by other sensors such as our Meteo Top-Box for Sea-Air Exchange flux measurements (SAE systems)


Todays markets provide more and more complex tasks and challenges. A perfect project management and reliable consulting have become almost a necessity to enable you to get the results you are aiming for.

At SubCtech we are committed to our slogan „Technologies for the Marine Environment and Sustainable measuring strategies for the Ocean“. We create and develop innovative technologies for the global market under guarantee of quality “Made in Germany”.

Become market leader in the areas „Subsea and Ocean Power Solutions“ and „Ocean Monitoring Systems“.

Our customer is our partner and our customer’s satisfaction has first priority. Providing professional service through all phases from pre-consulting to after-sales is natural for us.

Our flexible, rugged and cost-efficient products set standards and distinguish us from our competitors with customized solutions. To us “Made in Germany” means quality, reliability, expertise and efficiency and is our promise to our customers.

Our solutions for challenging tasks reach new markets. Our expertise networks realize interdisciplinary solutions for broad markets. Tradition is a valuable asset but not a limit.

We cooperate with universities and institutes to keep up with the current state of scientific knowledge and research. We also have an internal development department to be able to offer state-of-the-art products to our clients.

We take our social, economic and environmental responsibility seriously and produce in consideration of sustainability. We want to act future-orientated in regards of environmental and social issues.

Our team is highly qualified and motivated to realize modern technologies. Ambitious to support the team, SubCtech offers further trainings and social security to the team. Furthermore, we design our work environment flexibly and family-friendly.

Our products contribute to aquaculture, climate science, environmental monitoring and energy extraction. Our world is our task. We support social facilities, especially for kids as we are convinced that kids are our future. We provide opportunities for young people, students and researchers to get insight in working life and subsea technology.

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Our Team

Stefan Marx, Dipl.-Phys.

CEO and Director

Anke Pohl, Dipl.-Ing. oec. (MB)


Sören Johannsen, B.Sc.

COO & Marketing

Jana Fahning, B.Sc.

CTO Ocean Monitoring & Blue Economy

Mike Naismith, Dipl.-Geol.

Head of Sales & Support

Susanna Mindt-Lohaus, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.

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