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Customer Orientation



Our customer is our partner and our customer’s satisfaction has first priority. It is natural to us to provide professional service through all phases from pre-consulting to after-sales.

We provide full pre-consulting and after-sales services.

“A perfect project management and reliable consulting have become almost a necessity to enable you to get the results you are aiming for.”


Stefan Marx, CEO


We provide you with highly qualified specialists in cases of urgent, temporary or special needs for technical assistance or management ressources. Our academic and professional engineering staff will help you as consultants, to solve project management tasks or support you in completing special jobs.

“As a result of advices made by SEABIRD, JCOMM’s Ship Observations Team and new scientific partner GEOMAR, the development and maintenance of the flow-through system was outsourced and is now fully realized by SubCtech.

  • A preconsulting session on our construction site in France was organized within a few days.
  • The existing OceanPack system was redesigned.
  • The micro-version comes with pump, debubbler, filter, flowmeter and datalogger that fit exactly our requirements.
  • The system and its integrated pCO2 sensor were delivered on time by SubCtech’s manager Stefan Marx to our construction site.
  • SubCtech installed the Micro-OceanPack and assisted during all test and result sessions at sea and in Paris.

The OceanPack represents a milestone for the SolOceans one-design.“


M. Kramp, Oceanology International 2010, Conference