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pCO2 Top-Box™

The Top-Box™ is used in combination with the OceanPack™ Underway System to measure Air-CO2. The connection is carried out with a data line via the ship-LAN, serial connection or radio. The problematic air duct dispenses. Both parameters pCO2 for air and water are measured parallelly.

The Top-Box™ is equipped with a LI-COR® analyzer for scientific use. The analyzer is ready installed and configured. External probe heads, such as meteorology or a GPS autonomously from the ship, can be installed additionally. The Top-Box™ is rugged and easy to maintain. It has been used successfully in extremely rough seas and in Arctic temperatures of up to -40°C.


Complete Top-Box™ MK3


Complete Top-Box™ MK3 with high-end LI-7200x analyzer, IMU motion sensor (bottom left), GPS (on top), meteorological inputs (bottom) and SmartDI™ DataLogger unit (bottom right)


Small Top-Box™ MK2


Small Top-Box™ MK2 with LI-840x analyzer, SmartDI® DataLogger and GPS (on top) installed


Tiny Top-Box™


Tiny Top-Box™ with embedded data acquisition module – here for PAR radiation and other meteorological sensors only


Air-Intake box


Air-Intake box with heater and spray protection installed on board of the POLARSTERN during 18 months Antarctic mission with temperatures of up to -35°C




Top-Box™ with LI-7200x analyzer installed on board of the POLARSTERN during an 18 months Antarctic mission


Calibration and diagnostic control elements


Calibration and diagnostic control elements for the Top-Box™ and OceanPack™ pCO2 analyzer. A PC monitor and keyboard can be connected. The calibration for zero and optionally span1 and span2 can be performed manually


  • Independent Air-CO2 analyzer without the need of an extra air tube to the main (e.g. OceanPack™) underway system
  • Complete, flexible and easy to maintain
  • Handy design: small size and low weight, can be operated on small vessels
  • No or little post-processing necessary
  • No difficult setup required: quick and easy installation (just connect power/data, water in/out)
  • Our exclusive cooperation with LI-COR® Biosciences guarantees the latest technology
  • Best accuracy and long-time stability
  • Can be operated unattended
  • Easy handling: intuitively usable design, easy service procedures
  • Ready to run: low initial and running costs
  • The LI-COR® pCO2 analyzer is already included and fully configured
  • Robust Air-Intake module, can be flooded by waves or spray up to 30sec
  • Built in SmartDI® data logger, optional with 8” touch-screen for easy diagnostic
  • The data logger marks data automatically with quality flags
  • Auto-zeroing calibration for high-accuracy and long-time operations, e.g. once per day (configurable)
  • Easy integration of multiple instruments at once using the SmartDI® data management system. These instruments are for instance LI-COR® analyzers, TriOS fluorometer, meteorological sensors, and many more
  • Model MK-2: specially adapted LI-COR® LI-840x analyzer
  • Model MK-3: specially adapted LI-COR® LI-7200x analyser (recommended)
  • Complete Sea-Air-Exchange (SAE) analysis with the Top-Box™ Air-CO2 analyzer
  • Independent GPS receiver and geo-referencing of all data
  • Online telemetry data transfer and alarm services
  • Up to 3 gas inputs for e.g. 2 span gases and 1 reference gas can be installed
  • OceanView™ DataServer running on a Windows® PC
  • Externally accessible RS-485 Bus extension to connect a wide range of devices such as meteorological sensors, pumps or valves