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Microplastic Sampler

Microplastic multimethod sampler for automatic autonomous monitoring on any type of vessel

  • Robust, versatile and compact water proof design
  • Highest efficiency sampling, even for high speed boats with 30kn 
  • On board sampler: smallest size, low weight and low power (size like a shoebox)
  • Lab or on-board analyser: RAMAN laser Microspectroscopy for identification of polymer types and adherent contaminants, can be operated on board or in the lab 
  • Digital holographic spectroscopy to characterize objects and sizes 
  • Real time analysis up to 30 frames/s 
  • Integration into underway systems with automatic cleaning for long-term unattended operation Credit

This new Microplastic-Analyser detects smallest concentration of different mircoplastics in water on-board of small to large vessels during cruising. With an innovative combination of detectors and methods smallest concentrations down to particles per m³ can be quantified and characterized.

A consortium of optical specialists and research Institutes, and producers of high-tech sensor systems are developing this innovative unique solution.

SubCtech integrated the MP sampler and analyser in its OceanPack™ system for a wide range of applications in the ocean science. SubCtech already realized system integration for the EU FP7 project COMMON-SENSE www.commonsenseproject.eu.

The proof of concept was successful tested 2017-2018 on board Volvo-Ocean-Race yachts www.volvooceanrace.com.