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OceanView™ software & data-server – 19” rack data management system & Windows® software

The ship data server is used to visualize and store online data. In addition, it provides diagnostic functions for SubCtech’s OceanPack™ water quality measuring systems or any other NMEA data transmitter. As a black box it can be configured as a simple passenger display.


OceanView™ Data Server


The OceanView™ DataServer can be used to display all data on Windows®. Additionally the state of a remote OceanPack™ can be controlled by lights, and the OceanPack™ can be operated from this control station


OceanView™ Software


The OceanView™ Software is configurable and can be used in up to 10 user-defined screen-sets. Alerts are displayed in a special message window


Hardware on vessel


OceanView™ is used on major RV vessels. In this example the largest RV Chinese vessel KE XUE is equipped with a complete OceanPack™ Sea-Air-Exchange AUMS system. Data are displayed in real-time in the central computer room


Passenger Display


The OceanView™ DataServer can be used with low hardware requirements as a “Passenger display”. On board of the RV BELGICA the crew uses the display during operations on deck


  • Lab or on-board data logging system
  • Flexible data presentation back-end
  • Passenger or lab display
  • Remote control of SubCtech systems such as OceanPack™ flow-through systems
  • Robust industrial data server or passenger display with actual low-power PC technology
  • Can be operated fully autonomous and protected against any external access
  • Different graphical charts enable perfect visualization of your data and process
  • Different screen settings enable special displays e.g. for different types of data
  • Control elements for remote devices such as OceanPack™ underway systems are installed in the engine room or any remote location
  • Industrial panel PC, desktop or 19” Server
  • Monitor with user defined screen size, e.g. 19” or 32”; front IP65 water protected
  • Windows® Operating System with OceanView4™ data management software
  • Industrial grade Solid-State-Drive (SSD) without moving parts
  • RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces; LAN integration or wireless; other on request
  • Power supply 110-230V AC; 12V-24V DC; UPS can be integrated
  • Double (redundant) hardware watchdog to restart the system in case of any failures
  • Multiple level access control
  • Graphical time series or numerical table windows; configurable; multiple axis
  • Data and event message storage
  • Internal or network (*) database, ASCII NMEA-0183 data format (open format)
  • Overview displays with status, actual values, position track (*)
  • Special windows for connected OceanPack systems, e.g. pCO2 Analyzers or “Underway” systems
  • NMEA-0183 data protocol via serial interfaces; real-time or configurable; content configurable
  • Remote control of OceanPack™ systems; e.g. Start, Stop, Clean or User functions
  • Remote signals for OceanPack™ systems; e.g. Status, Alarm or User functions
  • GPS data interface; mapping on nautical charts or Google® Earth interface (*)
  • Embedding of photos or videos (*)
  • Remote service available over Ethernet (*)
  • Remote software updates (*)
  • UPS or other components on request

(*) Expert version only