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Customized Batteries

We build batteries to your needs.


Glass Sphere


14V to 50V 4kWh glass sphere (Nautilus)


Vehicle Li-Ion battery


150V 9kW vehicle battery


Double Li-Ion battery


Double 100V 6kW battery


Glass vehicle battery



Customized Li-Ion battery



6000m titanium housing


Large 6000m titanium housing with Li-Ion batteries


LFP battery


200V 10kW LFP battery


Ruggedized Li-Ion batteries


ruggedized 25V battries


  • 14V to 400V
  • Up to 25kW
  • Up to 50A, peak 140A
  • Control electronic
  • Embedded underwater charging
  • Subsea UPS functions
  • Operating depth of up to 6000m