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OceanPack AQUA

The OceanPack™ AQUA measuring system for aqua and maritime systems offers a new innovative approach to control and observe the processes of growth and quality of fish better. A cost minimization can be reached due to precise measuring data on processes as feeding and denitrification amongst others.

Precise and long-term stable gathering of data – dissolved oxygen, pCO2, pH, nitrate and salinity amongst other parameters – prevent that the water system collapses. The machines run solid long-term, have to be calibrated rarely and can be without maintenance for a long time, as they are run with established maritime and offshore technology. The investments amortize within a very short time frame.

Why investing in a fish stock, if your investment is lost because of cheap and imprecise data?


OceanPack™ AQUA


Water-quality control unit for an experimental RAS hatchery. pCO2 and nutrients are acquired to control fitness and growing of the fish. The growing cycle was reduced up to 50%



IMTA system


Large measuring- and control system for a number of tanks of an IMTA system. External sample points without contamination of other tanks automatically take all samples. Events such as unexpected high values are transmitted via SMS to the operator



Mobile OceanPack™ Aqua


Mobile OceanPack™ Aqua system to checking the water parameter in many tanks



Moveable buoy system


Moveable buoy system to acquire data in large open-sky basins. On-line telemetry to the operator station and control of water inlet and outlet



Measuring station


Measuring station for algae production. The control of CO2 optimized the growth of the algae for faster production cycles



Automatic self-cleaning


Automatic self-cleaning filter are easy to maintain and keep the instruments clean



External sensors


External sensors or devices are connected with a robust industrial RS-485 to the OceanPack™ Aqua system



OceanView™ DataServer


The OceanView™ DataServer provides data screens with real-time values in different charts





Control-panel with only necessary control elements makes the operation for everybody intuitive



  • High precision sensor system with maritime science and offshore industry specifications
  • Long-term solid and autonomous measurements
  • Free of corrosion because of established technologies
  • Runs even flawless by high aerosol and contaminant pollution
  • No contamination because of the use of suitable basic material – keeping the animals without threatening their health
  • Autonomic self-cleaning filter for the nutrient analysis is optional
  • Detection of multiple points or basins with optional automatic sample water recirculation in the system. Technical separation of measuring and control circles for different circulations
  • Flexible and expandable data system in combination with the SmartDI® data logger. All settings are independently configurable and expandable via the menu
  • The system is highly reliable and offers a good availability of data, due to consistent savings of all data and settings/configurations. The system restarts immediately into its standard status after a power cut
  • Standard data formats for configurations and saved data in ASCII NMEA-0183
  • Small manufactured size is separated in modules to minimize carryovers
  • Split water protected cabinets shield from environmental conditions
  • Strict separation of the hydrologic cycles
  • Optional CO2 analyzer with robust Flat-Membrane-Equilibrator (Patent pending)
  • Observing of housekeeping parameters (Flow rate, gauge and others; it’s expandable)
  • Observing and alarm function with message remote signaling module and GSM modem
  • Local quick-look visualization and diagnostic, configuration tool

Science and industry conduct environmental monitoring more and more to optimize processes and improve observing. SubCtech developed a highly precise and cost-efficient measuring system, because of the increased interest in automatic measurements and the observing of diverse parameters. The emphasis is on cost-efficient but on the same time solid and highly precise measurements, instead of unreliable and simple systems.

This water quality observing system is already established in the marine science with its controlling and alarm functions. It offers for instance one of the highest available accuracy measuring systems having a high-end LI-COR® Biosciences CO2analyzer.

Special OceanPack™ AQUA measuring systems were designed for the requirements of IMTA or RAS systems. It is currently one of the most modern and most innovative systems of its kind. It was developed especially for biological and chemical measurements: All components run without contamination and are seawater resistant. Therefore they don’t endanger the animals neither do they harm their health. The most important criteria by choosing the components were long-term stability, easy maintenance and precision.

To produce a small manufactured size of the pack, sensors are centralized in a mBubbler® measuring tank. At the same time disturbing air bubbles get removed and an easy cleaning is enabled. The online analyzers gather nutrient data too.  Electromechanical units with plug valves for choosing measuring places are installed separately close to the edge of the basin. They optimize the required space by carryovers of as low as possible.

All components are absolutely free of corrosion and don’t contaminate the hydrologic circle. Nonexpendable and heavy metal free motorized ball valves differ these systems from traditional plug valve technology. Algae and dirt remains do not limit the function of the ball valves.

This technology has already proven well that it meets the technical and scientific requirement needed under the rough conditions of the marine science. The technology has to be long-term solid, run without maintenance and work autonomously on for instance measuring buoys. This technology is established best in RAS or comparable MariCulture, which work especially with seawater and have to be run cost-efficiently.