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SubCtech developed its own battery-management-system (BMS) to observe the Li-Ion PowerPacks™ conformable to the requirements of science or the offshore industry.

SmartBMS™ is tiny and needs very little energy, because it is developed with the newest technologies. Therefore, it is suitable for long-term usage under extreme conditions. The SmartBMS™ is available for all Li-Ion batteries and provides a data interface to monitor e.g. the state of charge (SOC), current or voltage by external devices.




Standard SmartBMS™ series production.


UPS controller


Small subsea UPS controller (API17F)


Li-Ion PowerPack™ incl. SmartBMS™ rack


Li-Ion PowerPack™ incl. SmartBMS™ optionally controls digital outputs, with control lights in the end cap


UPS charge unit


400V subsea UPS charge unit (API17F)


  • Latest specialized Li-Ion supervisor technology
  • Ultra-low-power consumption
  • Different sizes for any type of Li-Ion batteries
  • Configurable for different battery configurations
  • Real-time data output
  • Fail-safe
  • Galvanic de-coupled interface lines
  • High-precision data acquisition 24bit
  • Data interface RS-232 or RS-485, galvanic isolated, ASCII NMEA-0183 or MODBUS RTU protocol
  • 14.4V to 50V standard BMS, up to 600V / 30kW on request
  • Data logging on industrial SD card of up to 32GB
  • Digitally controlled output
  • Remote On/Off by any logical signal

Special electronics is necessary to monitor the Li-Ion batteries. Since the requirements for the offshore area or for scientific use are very high but operation has to be simple an own Battery-Management-System (BMS) was developed. This SmartBMS™ has to deal with different battery configurations independently and offers maximum protection for the PowerPacks™.


Since operations under offshore conditions or at sea are naturally limited, our PowerPacks™ and the SmartBMS™ do generally not have to be operated or configured manually.


Developed with the latest Li-Ion technology, the SmartBMS™ is tiny and only requires very little power. Thus, long-term assignments and operation are possible even in small batteries. In addition, the measurements of the cell parameters are highly accurate and therefore allow the optimal use of each cell.


The SmartBMS™ is equipped with a galvanically isolated RS-232 or RS-485 interface to provide the user or a superior computer unit with current operating parameters in real-time. The data protocol is standardized with NMEA-0183 and can easily be integrated as an ASCII protocol. SubCtech is a member of the NMEA. Optionally the MODBUS RTU protocol is available. Other such as CAN or Profinet on request.