OceanObs 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Stefan Raimund (SubCtech France) and our distributor Mark Warren, ESNE (USA). More about ESNE at

Connecting Science and Society

As part of the decadal conference series, OceanObs’19 will galvanize the ocean observing community ranging from scientists to end users. OceanObs’19 seeks to improve response to scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose integrated ocean observing system, for better understanding the environment of the Earth, monitoring climate, and informing adaptation strategies as well as the sustainable use of ocean resources. OceanObs’19 will continue to develop strategies for a sustained, multidisciplinary and integrated ocean observing system, and better connect user communities and observers.

Meet SubCtech at booth 103A


Greta sails with Malizia, OceanPack RACE on board

Team Malizia, skippered by Pierre Casiraghi and Boris Herrmann have the great honour and pleasure to sail Greta Thunberg from the UK to New York for the UN Climate Action Summit on Malizia II, kicking off a climate tour through the Americas over the next few months.
The Malizia team also developed the Malizia Ocean Challenge, a project to support ocean climate education and the monitoring of ocean CO2 using the OceanPack RACE® system build by SubCtech. This project is affiliated with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, a charitable organisation that supports work on environmental and climate change issues.

More infos: News Malizia and   My Ocean Challenge  monitoring pCO2 and other parameter

Twitter profile Greta and   „Friday For Future“ Homepage
Greta’s hashtags for the trip are #UniteBehindTheScience and #FridaysForFuture

Update: She did it – why all doubters? Regardless of all media events, we are proud of the young woman. And: good team Malizia!

Images by Greta (credit Anders Hellberg) and Team Malizia (credit BorisHerrmannRacing)


Li-ion battery for a fuel cell UUV

SubCtech has developed and built the Li-Ion battery for an innovative long range Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). The UUV is being developed by Cellula Robotics Ltd. under the Canadian All Domain Situational Awareness (ADSA) Science & Technology (S & T) Program developed and built. Known as “Solus-LR”, the UUV will have a target range of 2000 km and is designed to stay submerged for multi-month missions. The Li-Ion battery system works with the fuel cell system, taking power peaks and ensuring optimum power system operating parameters.

© Cellula Robotics


3rd Offsore Battery Days / Oslo Battery Conference, Norway, Oslo, 26-27. August 2019

The 3rd OBD Battery Conference will meet to discuss and provide a platform for technological innovations and business opportunities with the latest updates in that fields in Norway and abroad.

The conference is held once a year and is the leading Battery conference in Norway, bringing together participants from leading private and public companies, start-ups, investors, academics and businesses that are interested in the battery revolution.

During the 3rd Conference for Oil & Gas batteries we will meet you to discuss technological innovations and business opportunities with our latest technology updates. Talk and presentation on 26. August, 11:45. We kindly invite you to visit our exhibition during the conference as well.

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First Li-Ion battery system for manned submersible

SubCtech builds the first Li-Ion battery system for a manned submersible. The high voltage Li-Ion batteries are the start of a new family of high performance peak power batteries. We look forward to working with SubseaCraft, UK.


Ocean Business 2019, Southampton UK, 9-11. April 2019

Ocean Business is a hands-on technology exhibition as it provides visitors with the chance to see systems first hand. You are invited to visit us at booth Q2.

  • NEW underway (FerryBox) pCO2 measurement systems: OceanPack CUBE®
  • Latest ocean racing sailing equipment:  OceanPack RACE® on board Malizia with Boris Herrmann
  • Latest Underwater Li-Ion Batteries for AUV and ROV
  • NEW 400V Li-Ion subsea battery, API17F qualified

More infos: -> see Exhibition Floorplan

For more details of the SubCtech product range in UK or Ireland contact product specialist Martin Stemp (RS-Aqua, booth G1) RS-Aqua:


SubCtech and Kuchenbecker Feinmechanik merge

After many years of successful cooperation, the precision manufacturing company „Kuchenbecker Feinmechanik“ and SubCtech are merging. The production with modern CNC machines takes place from 1 March 2019 in Kiel. This optimizes our production processes and shortens delivery times for our customers. We offer all types of production especially for prototypes and small batches. The focus is on titanium machining for high-precision underwater housings, but also steels, aluminum or plastics for various applications are processed.


SubCtech continues to grow and move into new buildings!

SubCtech, Kiel. Building 1: Administration and Production. Building 2: Warehouse. Building 3: Engineering and Prototyping

image by Google Earth
We are proud to have expanded our market position for Li-Ion Batteries and OceanPack Ship Monitoring Systems.
On October 1, 2018, we will start production in another building. We quadruple our space; this optimizes series production and R&D. Our customers benefit from a fast delivery time and lower costs.

Our contact details do not change, but you will find us now in Wellseedamm 1-3.


SubCtech manufactures high-power and high-energy subsea batteries

Last delivered to the USA: 6000m 180V 10kW subsea battery

Our modular and scalable PowerPacks™ now allow voltages up to 600V and energies currently. up to 30kW. The high sophisitcated Battery Management System (BMS) allows to charge under water, e.g. as a subsea UPS or for AUV docking station. The Li-Ion batteries are reliable (subsea up to 30 years), safe and extremely efficient.  Tests are offered according to API17f, ISO 13628-6 or MIL-STD.


SubCtech equips the most modern research vessels

Modern research icebreaker with OceanPack AUMS (FerryBox). Picture PRIC

The latest generation of automatic and autonomous measuring instruments for underway CO2 and other parameters in seawater – also known as „FerryBox“ – is used on the most advanced research vessels (last orders 2017 to today):

  • New research icebreaker Xuelong 2 (Snow Dragon), Polar Research Institute of China
  • New research icebreaker RSV Nuyina (Southern Lights), Australian Antarctic Division
  • New research sailing vessel RV Eugen Seibold, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany
  • New research vessel NB719, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research
  • New research vessel Xiang Yanghong, Second Institute of Oceanography – SOA, China
  • Volvo Ocean Race round-the-world racing sailing yachts 2017-2018