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Subsea NetDI® Logger

Highly reliable versatile controller


Standard NetDI® data logger


Standard NetDI® data logger with 4 sensor inputs and 1 host data output. The titanium housing is available up to 6000m


Data logger with Li-Ion PowerPack™


Data logger with Li-Ion PowerPack™ and exploration sensors as payload installed into a towed underwater vehicle (“fish”) for EMV exploration (c) photo by Mundal AS


Inspection Sensor-Pack


Inspection Sensor-Pack installed into a ROV payload frame. It contains 4 additional leak detection sensors for dye, Oil-in-water (PAH), Methane (CH4) and CTD (conductivity). The NetDI® data logger communicates on a multiplexed line with the OceanView™ software, installed at the control centre


Data acquisition


Highly reliable data acquisition of the movement of a giant hook at 2000m depth.. (c) Photo Huisman / Fugro


  • Small and versatile data logger with optionally Li-Ion battery
  • Complex real-time data processing units
  • Deep-sea monitoring
  • Condition monitoring systems e.g. with alarm function
  • PLC functions
  • Industrial STM ARM controller
  • Low power consumption for long deployments: typ. 2W standard, ~µW standby
  • Large data storage – enough to safe high-resolution measurements for years: HDSD card, typ. 8GB up to 32GB
  • Download on USB stick
  • Firmware or configuration update via USB
  • Small footprint enables compact housings with embedded power source (Li-Ion battery)
  • Configurable input/output signals – analogue 24 bit and digital
  • Flexible design for customized solutions
  • Real-time processing of values and additional quality flags and data
  • Many data protocols implemented for external sensors, devices, analyzers etc.
  • Complex control of external actors such as pumps with the build-in Soft-PLC
  • Standardized ASCII NMEA-0183 output
  • Typ. 4 serial Interfaces (RS232 / RS485), optional up to 30 serial interfaces, optical isolated
  • Wide input voltage range of +9 to 32 Volt, high efficiency DC/DC
  • Typ 1Hz sampling rate, configurable. Short time 100Hz. Long time cycles days…years
  • Calibration and versatile formulas included, incl. UNESCO formulas for seawater analysis
  • Operating IEEE double precision for all internal calculation
  • Many data protocols for external sensors, analyzers, samplers etc.
  • Depth rating shallow water 300m up to 6000m
  • Titanium housing, titanium SubConn® connectors MCBH-5. Typ. size Ø168mm x 380mm length
  • External 7″ display box for configuration and dignostic
  • Additional DC/DC voltage outputs for external sensors, e.g. 12V, 24V regulated. In combination with the Soft-PLC switchable
  • Control LEDs for easy quick check after the deployment
  • Additional up to 30 RS232/RS485 interfaces (needs larger housing)
  • Configurable Soft-PLC for complex control procedures, time or event triggered with many options
  • Position control and geo-referencing e.g. via external data
  • Depth rating certificate (pressure test with static or cycled conditions)