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Customer orientation

Our customer is our partner and our customer’s satisfaction has first priority. It is natural to us to provide professional service through all phases from pre-consulting to after-sales.

We provide full pre-consulting and after-sales services.

As a result of advices made by SEABIRD, JCOMM’s Ship Observations Team and new scientific partner GEOMAR, the development and maintenance of the flow-through system was outsourced and is now fully realized by SubCtech.

  • A preconsulting session on our construction site in France was organized within a few days.
  • The existing OceanPack system was redesigned.
  • The micro-version comes with pump, debubbler, filter, flowmeter and datalogger that fit exactly our requirements.
  • The system and its integrated pCO2 sensor were delivered on time by SubCtech’s manager Stefan Marx to our construction site.
  • SubCtech installed the Micro-OceanPack and assisted during all test and result sessions at sea and in Paris.

The OceanPack represents a milestone for the SolOceans one-design.“
(M. Kramp, Oceanology International 2010, Conference)