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The OceanPack™ pCO2 Subsea Analyzer was developed for precise measurements in the deep sea. It is very small and easy to handle. It can be applied on stationary monitoring stations or equipment racks like a Profiler, ROV or AUV.

LI-COR® produces LI-850x analyzers for SubCtech, which are built in the MK2 exclusively for scientific demand. The analyzers are pre-installed and configured for the user. The auto-calibration allows long-term operations.

The Flat-Silicone-Equilibrator can be run under extreme conditions and even inough seas difficulties do not occur.

Equipped with a data logger more probe heads can be connected. The raw or calibrated and processing data is saved and transmitted in real-time.


Inspection-sensor-pack Buoy


Inspection-sensor-pack with ROV support frame incl. pCO2 analyzer (SubCtech), CTD (Sea&Sun), Methane sensor (Franatech), Oil-in-Water PAH fluorometer (TriOS), Algae-Fluorometer (TriOS). Connected to subsea NetDI® DataLogger and subsea ROV power supply unit (not visible as in background)




Integration of the Inspection-sensor-pack into an Inspection-class ROV




Subsea pCO2 analyzer production, units ready for calibration and performance tests


  • Handy design: small size and low weight
  • No or little post-processing necessary
  • No difficult setup required: quick and easy installation (just connect the power and e.g. data cable)
  • Our exclusive cooperation with LI-COR® Biosciences guarantees the latest technology
  • Best accuracy and long-time stability
  • Can be operated unattended for a long time
  • Easy handling: intuitively usable design
  • Ready to run: low initial and running costs
  • The LI-COR® pCO2 analyzer is already included and fully configured
  • Robust Flat-Membrane-Equilibrator (Patent pending)
  • Efficient but simple anti-fouling device and membrane head protection
  • Built-in NetDI® data logger
  • The data logger automatically marks data with quality flags
  • Holder and brackets for installation support
  • Cables for sensors or external data loggers
  • Mooring and profiling frames
  • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
  • Data input for position data and geo-referencing of all data
  • OceanView™ DataServer run on a Windows® PC
  • External sensors such as CTD, oxygen optode, pH sensors, dye fluorometer, oil-in-water fluorometer and many more