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Subsea MicroDI®Logger

The MicroDI® (Micro Data Interface) data Logger is especially designed for rough environmental conditions and high-accuracy long-time measuring applications.

The main features are: ultra low power for long-time deployments, multiple high accuracy analogue inputs, and high precision real-time and high data storage capacity, small but robust pressure housing.

The RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces can be used for digital sensor signals and online real-time data output. The industrial microSD cards can be used for years to readout data on a computer. A high analogue data-sampling rate of up to 10 Hz supplies not only long-time monitoring applications but for instance also wave sampling. The ultra low-power consumption allows long-time monitoring. The modular hardware and flexible software enables optimized and customized solutions for your projects.

Customized MicroDI® data logger
Customized MicroDI® data logger with Li-Ion battery and outputs for Hydro-Wiper®. Special LED control for visual tests by ROV cameras
Opened housing
Same as top photo, opened housing
MicroDI® data logger
MicroDI® data logger with high-capacity Li-Ion battery
Set of instrumentation
Set of instrumentation frame for deployments under difficult subsea conditions. Consists of different sensors (upper side) and the MicroDI® data logger (lower side)
  • Any sensor data logging
  • Long-time depolyments
  • Deep-sea monitoring
  • Small condition monitoring systems
  • Data logging with extra switched outputs
  • Extremely small and versatile data logger with optionally Li-Ion battery
  • Lowest power consumption for long deployments
  • Large data storage – enough to safe high-resolution measurements for years
  • Small footprint enables compact housings with embedded power source (Li-Ion battery)
  • Configurable input/output signals – analogue and digital
  • Flexible design for customized solutions
  • Ultra low power consumption – 100 µW in Standby,  100mW while measurements
  • Industrial 8 GB microSDHC card of up to 32 GB supported
  • Standardized ASCII NMEA-0183 output – on microSDHC card and real-time RS232 interface
  • High precision real-time clock – optional calibrated to 1 ppm (30 sec/year)
  • 2 serial Interfaces (RS232, optional RS485)
  • 8 channel analogue inputs, 24 Bit (effective 16 Bit), configurable for different signals e.g. 0-10V, 0/4..20mA
  • 8 user accessible digital IO-signals (TTL compatible)
  • 4 protected power outputs for loads up to 2.6 A – dynamically switchable
  • Wide input voltage range of +7 to 32 Volt
  • Up to 10Hz sampling rate, configurable
  • Build-in OLED display with acrylic cover for real-time data and diagnostic messages
  • Control LEDs for easy quick check after the deployment
  • Bluetooth® wireless data transfer – readout the data on your PC or iPhone
  • Additional RS232/RS485 interfaces
  • Special procedures to switch digital outputs, e.g. cycling Hydro-Wiper®, external pumps or valves
  • Larger battery capacities or external Li-Ion PowerPacks™
  • Additional sensor connectors with special pin layout
  • Depth rating certificate (pressure test with static or cycled conditions)