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SubCtech was nominated by the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) for the German marine award MCN Cup 2021 for sustainable maritime technologies and won SILVER.

A total of 30 applications were submitted – we made it into the top 3 in category “How can maritime industries be made more sustainable?” The award ceremony took place on November 23 and was held in Bremen.

We are very proud of the success and this shows us again clearly: SubCtech offers innovative, marketable, high-quality and sustainable solutions for the markets of today and tomorrow.

Our OceanPack™ marine measurement systems, which turn any ships from the existing fleet as well as yachts into research vessels and provide much more input to create climate models, understanding micro-plastic pollution and ocean currents for the transport of thermal energy but also garbage, and make a significant contribution to science, companies, sport and public perception. In addition to classic research vessels and subsea and top-side measuring stations, “ships of opportunity” are an essential contribution to the goals of the UN Decade of the Oceans, of which SubCtech is a partner.

SubCtech already won the Franco-German Prize for Economy in Paris in 2013 with its former partner SailingOne from France. The project at that time was funded by the BMWI as part of MARTEC II as an “Oceanoscientific Project” especially for racing yachts.

With the SubCtech equipment of the Volvo Ocean Race yachts, the Vendée Globe with Boris Herrmann and Fabrice Amedeo “round the world” and currently Arved Fuchs expeditions in the Arctic, the OceanPack RACE®  “Ocean Labs” 6th generation have their reliability and benefits for climate and Microplastic models impressively demonstrated.

SubCtech has also recently won the tender for the delivery of a climate measuring buoy for the Arctic (Alfred Wegener Institute) and is developing all-electric Li-Ion energy systems for the sustainable transformation and support of subsea production sites e.g. for LNG.