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Due to the huge expanse of the sea, both in terms of area and depth,
special methods for investigation or mapping are necessary.

SubCtech has therefore developed both measuring systems for ships to
investigate the surface and systems for the deep sea. The peculiarity of ship
measurement systems lies in the automatic unattended operation for recording
all possible parameters from mostly any sensor or analyzer.

The same sensors and telemetrics can mostly also be used in the deep
sea, but the “socket” is missing here.

SubCtech has therefore also developed batteries for the deep sea, which can supply large stations (also for offshore oil+gas), as well as probes or vehicles such as AUVs or ROVs.

The IFOI 2020 will be held online 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (BJS) on April 10-11, Stefan Marx (CEO) will participate the conference.

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