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Standard Batteries

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries are amongst the most efficient batteries and SubCtech even optimized them for the use in marine and offshore technology. They provide highest capacity while being lightweight and of small volume.

SubCtech delivers standard PowerPacks™ in titanium pressure housings for the use in up to 6000m depths. The SmartCharger™ charges the batteries fast, easy and safe aboard ship. The batteries are charged inbuilt and without being opened.

All batteries can be customized on demand by adapting the capacity, current, voltage, size and housing. However, we also have a range of standard COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) batteries, which are flexible and suitable for many applications.


Big-Jim Li-Ion battery


Diameter 168mm shallow water 300m;

180mm up to 6000m Length and energy 372mm standard 1.7kWh;

630mm XL 3.4kWh Voltages 14V, 25V, 50V – other on request

Current max. 10A up to 50A – other on request


Long-John Li-Ion battery


Diameter 90mm x length 512mm

Energy 666Wh

Voltages 14V, 25V – other on request Current max. 10A


Big-Jim 14,4V Li-Ion battery


Battery (left canister) for Cytobuoy’s flow cytometry instruments for rapid analysis of particles in a fluid.


Long-John Li-Ion battery - Set


Set for the offshore Oil+Gas industry. These batteries are specially modified for the requirements of the offshore industry.




Flight-case with Li-Ion battery, SmartCharger™ and all cables ready for storage.




SmartCharger™ for standard batteries. Here 500W for „Big-Jim“ large batteries. No fans, IP65.


  • For any sensors/monitoring devices, buoy to deep-sea
  • Small vehicle power supplies
  • Profiling equipment
  • Professional diving equipment for e.g. lights
  • Highest capacities, low weight and small size
  • Shallow water, deep-sea and long-time deployments
  • Extremely robust and corrosion free titanium material, constructed for offshore conditions
  • Charging without opening the battery, even underwater
  • Use plug’n’play
  • Highly reliable system
  • High-power and high energy Li-Ion PowerPack™
  • Standard range of capacities 674Wh ø90mm; 1700Wh to 4kWh ø168/180mm
  • Voltage range 14V, 25V to 50V,  other on request
  • Currents typ. 7A, optional up to 50A high-power option („Big-Jim“ only)
  • Robust titanium housing with standard ranges 300m, 2000m, 4000m, 6000m
  • SubConn© titanium connector – or depending on requirements such as current or data interfaces
  • Simple installation and operation
  • High-power output up to 30A („Big-Jim“ only)
  • Battery Management System
  • Data interface RS-232/485, galvanic de-coupled, ASCII NMEA-0183 or MODBUS RTU
  • Data logging on industrial SD card of up to 32GB
  • Control LEDs with customized functions
  • Multiple connectors for e.g. more outputs, additional data acquisition etc.
  • Build-in DC/DC  converter for your devices
  • Remote On/Off input
  • Design, capacity and mechanical customization to your project
  • Manual operation or ISO ROV rotary switch

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are amongst the most efficient batteries. They are ideal for the use in marine and offshore technology. They provide the highest capacity while being of low weight and volume. SubCtech produces complete battery packs, the PowerPacks™, in cooperation with manufacturers of high-class and certificated industrial cells. The PowerPacks™ are easy and safe to operate with the matching charging technology SmartCharger™.


Our Li-Ion batteries are used like standard batteries. An electronic circuit provides that the batteries run smoothly. The PowerPacks™ switch off on low tension to prevent damage. The operation disconnects for the time of the defective condition in case of overcurrent or short circuit.


Li-Ion batteries can deliver high current, in contrast to other battery technologies. PowerPacks™ are chosen especially for the marine industry and work much more efficiently than for instance Alkali prime batteries or Ni-Mh batteries, even at very low temperatures.


The PowerPacks™ are offered on different standard configurations. The rugged and corrosion-free housing made of titanium or POM and can be used in depths of up to 6000m.


Connect the battery to the SmartCharger™ and leave it attached until the light signals “green” when fully charged. A special handling is unnecessary. The SmartCharger™ technology enables a safe and gentle charging of the PowerPacks™. The end housing can remain closed during this process. Thus, the packs can even be charged built in or in water.


The Li-Ion batteries are already profitable after the third charging process. They are environmentally friendly. Good operating data of the Li-Ion technology simplify projects and usage. Under rough conditions – such as very low temperatures, high currents (also peaks) or under difficult offshore conditions – our Li-Ion PowerPacks™ provide more power than Alkali primary cells or older storage battery technologies. The easy handling is an important characteristic that makes our PowerPacks™ ideal for usage on board or under extreme conditions like under ice or in the deep ocean.