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The OceanPack 19 rack is a classic „Underway“ or „FerryBox“ autonomous measuring system and has a wide user base around the globe.  The system includes a power supply, a data logger and a water system to run and measure water parameters completely unattended while still offering space to include optional sensors or automatic cleaning. The new implemented system structure grants optimized water flow through the RACK and allows for a standardized and modular system that can easily be expanded with additional features.

The water-cleaning-unit is now permanently installed in the lower part of the RACK to save material and be more service-friendly as well as easier to use.
Additionally, the new junction box also allows the user to easily retrofit optional probes and access them for maintenance services.

The new debubbler comes in a standardized size and is made out of opaque PVC to block the sunlight out of it. Less sunlight inside the debubbler results in less biofouling and therefore fewer needs for maintenance of the sensors.

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