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pCO2 Monitoring

Precise, portable and flexible measuring systems e.g. with pCO2 analyzers

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OceanPack flow-through underway pCO2 System

OceanPacks™ are mobile and flexible pCO2 measuring systems. This family of analyzers was developed for scientific and high-precision climate-change monitoring under rough conditions. The application’s range varies from small boats and buoys up to typical “underway” ship systems (e.g. FerryBox). The NetDI® Datalogger acquires and processes data in real-time. The OceanPack™ consists of the CO2 tolerant mBubbler® Debubbler. The OceanPack™ is precise, expandable and easy to use.

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The philosophy of our sustainable technologies:

  • reliable
  • flexible and modular
  • handy and easy to use
  • little maintenance

Product overview:

18 months on RV POLARSTERN in the Antarctic. SubCtech’s OceanPack™ Underway consists of

  • Top-Box™ MK3 with LI-7200x Air-Analyzer, Air intake suitable for -40°C and LAN interface
  • Water supply with regulated and de-aired water flow supports water for all lab equipment
  • OceanPack™ MK2 with LI-840x analyzer for pCO2, data logger and LAN interface
  • DSHIP NMEA-0183 interface to provide data to all scientists and officers on board in real-time
Set of Underway systems ready for shipping